Dream Big Build powerful Web-initiated telecommunications capability into any Web-based application - the possibilities are endless!

Whether it is a Web page, eMail, eNewsletter, eGreeting, or other online document, you can enable users to instantly communicate by phone with a simple mouse click. Compatible with all telephones - traditional land-lines, mobile and VoIP - there is no special equipment to purchase and no software to download.

Flexible & Full-featured API Web Developers will find the streamlined Jaduka API and its supporting documentation to be exactly what they need to create innovative voice-enabled services and mash-ups. The API includes programmer-friendly methods to start phone calls and retrieve voicemail from virtually any Web-based application. Developers can currently access the API using HTTP or SOAP programming languages, with XML coming soon.

Enterprise Businesses looking to incorporate Web-to-voice functionality into their existing business processes will value the flexibility of Jaduka's API. Our full-featured API provides all the functionality necessary to create new and recharge existing accounts - a requirement to private brand Jaduka's click-to-call technology.

"Jaduka has an API and it's being leveraged for millions of calling minutes a month. Jaduka has a developer program, and their developers are winning business and making money. They're building sustainable business with major enterprises around the world. They're processing the transactions that fuel the global economy."

Ken Camp
Realtime Communities / Unified Communication

Flexible & Full-featured API The Jaduka API gives you access to over 120 telecommunications companies worldwide, including the tier-one carriers. Managed by our parent company, NetworkIP, Jaduka's telecommunications platform delivers the highest level of call completion, consistently better call quality, and more satisfied customers - every time, all the time.

Jaduka stands ready with the capacity you need - today. The existing platform manages over 400 million end-user accounts with over 2 million transactions per day. The network capacity is capable of handling over 15 billion call minutes per year – more than enough for practically anything you can dream up!